Hi, my name is Paula, and I love math in a way that is contagious.  I have a passion for helping young minds discover they are capable of doing well in math.

​When I was in school I really struggled with math, it was so hard, I didn't get it, homework was torture, and my grades suffered. My dad decided to recruit some of his friends, one of them was a sweet lady who was a math professor at a university. She helped me see I was not bad at math, I was just not being taught math Paula's way. 

From there my grades improved, math became easier, and I went to university and got a Bachelor in Computer Science, which was a lot of math!

Because I also love to teach I have tutored kids for over 15 years, I  mentor my students to discover they too can do good and stop the struggle in ways that are fun and engaging. I help them discover their own way.

I live for that moment when their eyes sparkle and they "get it". It is no longer too hard, or unfair.

I serve students in public schools as well as private and homeschools.

​Let's talk.

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